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Motherhood is one of the beautiful feelings for every woman in the world.  During pregnancy, the woman undergoes various body changes that might be irritating and painful. For maintaining a healthy body during pregnancy, doctors prescribe a variety of medications that makes the journey of pregnancy somewhat easy.

If you have ever done breastfeeding, at some point, every woman needs Lanolin Ointment that helps with cracked, dry and bleeding nipples at the early stage of nursing because the baby becomes hungry every one to two hours and needs to breastfeed because, at the starting phase, the doctor advises feeding only mom’s milk for some period of time for the good health of the baby.

What does nipple cream consist of?

Nipple cream contains high-quality organic materials such as olive oil, cocoa, Shea butter and wound healing calendula.

These are the best ingredients to get relief from dry and chapped nipples and it provides immense moisturising and helps in nipples keeping soft and supple.

Why use nipple cream?

The nipple cream is basically the ointment to get relief from broken and chapped nipples caused due to breastfeeding.

It’s advised to apply cream after feeding the baby so cream gets sufficient time to absorb in the skincare before the next breastfeeding.

Vaseline is a type of ointment that can be also used on nipples for dry and sore nip skins.

How does nipple cream work?

It’s advised to use a very small amount of cream on the nipples and it doesn’t need to be washed off as its unique formula is absorbing and quick drying.

Before your baby is ready for the next feed, the cream gets absorbed in the skin and makes your lips soft and supple while preventing itching and pain.

Generally, results show up within the usage of a few days still you can continue the cream for 2 to 3 weeks for extra nourishment and moisture depending on your dryness needs.

Some mothers may find the cream to be sticky and difficult to spread on the tender breast but it’s all about a habit to adapt after pregnancy to take care of the baby and nips both.

Things to be considered while buying nipple cream:

It’s very important to choose the safest and good quality nipple cream as nipples are the sensitive parts and need to be handled with extreme care especially after pregnancy time.

If you are planning to purchase a nipple ointment, then it’s advised to go for organic cream that is completely safe for the baby and the mom both.

While you should try amazing cream with taste according to your needs that your baby loves while feeding such a mango, cocoa and many more.


There are a variety of nipple creams available in the market that offers extreme relief from broken and chapped nips. Some come with flavours and fragrances while some are transparent and tasteless.

It’s advised to use the cream that is safe for your baby and effective in the nourishment of nipples. Keeping reading our blog to know more about health tips.