Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is all about lights, cold nights, holidays, Christmas trees, decorations, good food; one more thing it is all about gifts. Not just the ones that we give our friends and family but also the corporate ones. This brings us to one of the most asked questions, what corporate Christmas gift should we give this year?

There is a variety of preferences as per the different ideologies and thinking of the corporates; it may vary from premium branded gifts to basic ones. Once again, one of the most asked questions – why not try something meaningful and unique this time? Though end up giving the boring ones as you had no one to offer better alternatives.

Well, why not go eco-friendly this year?

The environmental concerns are rising, and so is the awareness to protect it. One small step like this one would not just be recognised widely but also would make it a unique gift too. Here are some of the “eco-friendly gift ideas” to give a try this year.

Reusable Storage Bags

One of the major contributors to plastic cumulation on a large scale all over the world is plastic or polythene bags. It is the right time to consider reusable bags, not just any but the ones made from eco-friendly material and in cool design and colours.

Reusable Straws

This indeed brings a revolution to what level of changes we need to bring to make the environment free from the use of one-time-use items made from non-biodegradable materials. With reusable straws, we are able to make an impact to a great extent. It is not enough. We need to continue doing it till we entirely stop using the one-time straws. So why not include it in the gift this year. These are available in a variety of cool colours, even the pastel ones to personalise based on personality.

Perfume and candles

The ones that are phthalate-free are made from100% therapeutic grade essential oils, vegan, cruelty-free, organic naturally-derived and more. All of these are good for the skin as well as do no harm upon accidental inhalation. They are good for the environment as well, adding more meaning to the simple gift items.

Recycled T-Shirts

All of us are going gaga over graphic Tees. Why not replace the ones that are made from recycled t-shirts. This way, no new raw material is utilised in the making of these t-shirts; instead, these are recycled from the already available materials.

Reusable Coffee Mugs and Water Bottles 

This gift idea goes perfectly with “old is gold”, as it would never go wrong. You can add customisation or branding to it to add more personalisation. These are the needed items, so the employees would use them anyway. Choosing the reusable, recyclable and eco-friendly material is the key here, which would make these simple gifts unique. 

These ideas would help you shortlist the ones you find the best fit apart from going for the branded gifts as always.