Blackout Roller Shades

Do you love the look of blackout shades, but hate the glare that comes with them? If you’re looking for an alternative to standard shades, blackout shades are for you! Installing blackout roller shades is a great way to achieve a serene, distraction-free atmosphere in your home. They also help you get the most out of your home’s lighting fixtures. If you have standard window shades or roller shades, installing blackout shades is the perfect alternative.

What Is a Blackout Roller Shades?

Blackout shades are made from a heavy, dense fabric that blocks out light. They are designed to be installed over standard window shades or roller shades, making them an ideal choice for those who want to avoid the glare of traditional shades and achieve a serene, distraction-free atmosphere in their home. You can choose between a variety of blackout styles, including pleated, cordless, reversible, and blind designs. Blackout shades are available in both linen and cotton fabrics. Blackout Shades – Why Choose Them? Blackout roller shades offer many benefits over traditional window shades or roller shades including: – No glare – This is the most obvious benefit of blackout shade installation.

Blackout Roller Shades

With blackout shades installed over your window shade or roller shade, you will have no more glare than with natural light. – A serene atmosphere – Installing blackout curtains creates a serene atmosphere in your home without any distractions from lights outside. The darkness is meant to create a safe space within which you can relax and take a break from the stresses of daily life. You’ll achieve this serenity by using blackout curtains to block out undesirable sunlight – whether it comes from the inside or the outside of your home – as well as by using blackout curtains on your windows so that sun rays don’t shine through at night when you need darkness for sleep. – Energy efficiency – The heavy fabric used in these fabric designs also helps reduce energy costs because it keeps heat from

How to Install Blackout Roller Shades?

To install blackout shades, you’ll need two sets of window brackets that are compatible with your window frame. Remember to install the brackets on the inside of your windows so they don’t show from the outside. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installing the metal mounting brackets onto a window frame. Next, take an extra-long piece of tape and wrap it around each bracket before attaching it to the side of the roller shade. Make sure to cover up any exposed screws or other metal parts on your brackets so they don’t catch the light coming through the windows!

Finally, attach each roller shade to the brackets. This can be accomplished by pushing them into one another slightly until they snap securely into place. If you have any concerns about how much tension to apply when tying down a roller shade, use a level on top of both shades in order to ensure they hang straight and even.

Considerations When Installing Blackout Shades

When you’re installing blackout shades, there are a few considerations to keep in mind. First, the height and length of your window should play a key role in your decision. If you have a large window that needs to be covered with a long roller shade, you’ll need to measure carefully to make sure it will fit properly. Similarly, if your window is very tall or small, you may want to think twice about this option. Second, consider how much light comes into your room with the windows open or closed. If your room gets dim during the day because there isn’t enough sunlight coming in, blackout shades might not work for you.

 If natural light is important for you and your family’s lifestyle, don’t forget to factor that into your decision as well! Last but not least, consider the purchase price of blackout shades when making this purchase. While they are an investment with long-term benefits, they can be quite expensive upfront. However, if money isn’t an issue and quality is what matters most to you then blackouts might be right for you!

Blackout Roller Shades

How to Measure for Blackout Roller Shades?

Before you go out to purchase your roller shades, it’s important to know how the window should be measured. This is necessary because blackout roller shades are made differently than standard ones. With standard window shades, the bottom of the shade extends past the top of the window frame by a few inches. With blackout roller shades, the bottom of the shade is shorter than the top of the window frame.

There are two ways to measure for blackout roller shades: Measuring with a tape measure To use this method, lay out a long piece of masking tape on your floor and place it across your windowsill. Mark where it overlaps on each side. Place the second piece of masking tape on your floor at this point and mark where it also overlaps on both sides.

Measure from these points to get an idea of how much material you will need for your roller shade to fit over your inside space. Measuring with string To use this method, lay out a long piece of string on your floor and make note of where it crosses in between each window frame or exterior corner spacer that holds up your standard window blinds or roller shades. Then take these measurements and use them as a guide when shopping for blackout roller shades (to ensure you buy enough material).

Install the Blackout Roller Shades

To install blackout roller shades, you will need the following materials: • One roller shade; • One cordless drill and bit set; • A screwdriver; • Two screws per window. To start, measure the width of your windows. Measure the width at the top of your window frame and then measure the width at the bottom of your window frame. Make sure that both measurements are equal or close to each other before moving on to step two. Next, figure out which side of your window frame you want to attach your roller shade to.

Blackout Roller Shades

This is important because it will determine how long or short you want your blackout roller shades to be. The shorter side of the window frame should be closer to where you want to hang up your roller shade so that it can cover a smaller area. If you want them longer, then choose the wider side of the window frame and make sure that they are not too long for your windows. Now, take this measurement and use it as a guide for how long you need to cut off one end of your rollers in order to fit them on their respective sides of the window frames.


There are many factors to consider when installing blackout roller shades in your home, some of which can be quite technical. But if you follow the tips and guidelines outlined in this article, you will be able to put up the Best blackout roller shades in your home.