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For many people, retirement is a time to relax and enjoy your life after working for a number of years. However, if you want your retirement to be successful, it’s important that you plan ahead with the best lifestyle retirement village. Read on the blog to read some tips below on how to make sure that happens!

Know when you want to retire

Knowing when you want to retire is an important part of the planning process. If you don’t know, then how can you plan for it? The answer is: You can’t!

If your goal is to retire as soon as possible, then it’s important that you start saving now. You’ll need to save more than if your goal were to work until age 65 and then start enjoying life.

 On the other hand, if your goal were not just retirement but also living into old age (as in 100+), then saving enough money might not be as difficult as it seems at first glance. In fact, living into old age may even be easier than working until age 65. 

lifestyle retirement village

That’s because once someone retires they generally don’t have any obligations outside their own home—which means they aren’t paying rent or mortgage payments like they would if they were still working full time (and paying their own bills).

Think about your financial needs, including medical aid and extra costs 

If you plan on retiring in an area that isn’t your home country, then it’s important to think about how you will manage the extra costs of living outside your hometown. These may include things like:

  • Changing homes – If you are moving abroad and selling your old house or buying a new one, this will involve extra fees like estate agent fees and legal fees.
  • Upgrading your car – You may need to buy a new or second-hand car in order to drive around the country and get around easily. This can cost upwards of $100,000 depending on whether it’s brand new or used (and what type).
  • International money transfer charges – If there are any international money transfers involved in paying for these expenses, then this could also affect how much money is available for other things such as medical aid or investments.

Look into how a living annuity product can work for you

A living annuity is a financial product that allows you to live off of your investments and avoid having to sell them.When you invest in a living annuity, you’re essentially paying for an annual instalment plan. Your money is deposited into an account that pays monthly or quarterly payments to you over the course of the term.

  • These contracts are flexible and allow investors to choose from a variety of options depending on their needs. Some contracts may offer fixed rates, while others may be variable or indexed, so they increase with inflation (or stock market volatility). 

Make sure all your paperwork is in order before retiring

  • Make sure you have a will and a power of attorney.
  • Make sure to get your medical directive in order.
  • Figure out how you want to be memorialized by your children, family, and friends. It’s never too early to begin planning for the inevitable, and it can be an emotional process that requires some time for reflection. You should also decide whether or not to donate your body for medical research or bury it according to religious beliefs (if applicable).
  • Create a retirement plan so that when it comes time for retirement life doesn’t feel like just hanging around until death do us part!


The retirement years are a prime time to enjoy life. You can spend your days doing what you love, without worrying about work or money. The key is planning for your retirement years far in advance with a lifestyle retirement village so that you’re ready for when that time comes.