How To Preserve The Shine Of A Walnut Bedside Table?

Bedside tables are the foundation for your bedroom, so it’s important that they look good. I’ve always been a fan of walnut bedside tables because they’re sturdy and have that warm, rich colour that makes me feel like home. 

But after a while, this type of wood can start to lose its lustre and become dull. You don’t have to replace your bedside table if you take care of it properly! 

Here are some tips on how to preserve the shine on your walnut bedside table:

Keep your wood done and dusted

You should keep your walnut furniture clean as well. Make sure to dust it regularly using a soft cloth with a mild detergent, and never use abrasive cleaners or vinegar or lemon juice.

Wash it off

To clean the table, you can use a damp cloth or soft sponge. You can also use a microfiber cloth to wipe off any dirt from the surface of the wood. Make sure that you don’t use hard materials like steel wool, which will scratch your walnut bedside table.

How To Preserve The Shine Of A Walnut Bedside Table?

If there are any stains on your walnut bedside table, it is best to remove them immediately before they set in and become impossible to remove. Spills such as red wine should be treated with baking soda and water paste applied with a soft cloth, then scrubbed off thoroughly with hot soapy water once dry.

Wax on, wax off

Waxing is not just for surfboard shapers and shoe-shine boys. A natural finish, wax creates a protective barrier that keeps your walnut bedside table from looking dull and cracked.

Waxing is easy to do: simply rub on a coat of wax , let it dry for about an hour, then buff it off with a soft cloth. You can apply more coats if you need to build up the finish—just make sure they are dry before applying another layer! 

The science behind wax actually makes sense: the paraffin used in some waxes repels moisture and helps protect against water damage (which is important since we live near the ocean). 

This means that you don’t have to worry about these tables holding up well over time if you keep them in an area prone to moisture—and when you’re done with all those rounds at the beach house, no matter how much sand gets stuck on them during their stay there will still be no rusting or cracking!

Walnut is a great choice for bed tables because it has that strong, warm texture and color that makes your bedroom feel like home. Walnut is a hardwood, so it can be difficult to maintain. There are several ways you can keep your walnut looking its best.

  • Cleaning: Cleaning with the right products is important because using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners on untreated wood can damage the surface of your treasured piece. A microfiber cloth will help you remove dust from furniture without damaging any finishes on your walnut table top or base.
  • Maintenance: Even though you’ve got great cleaning habits, there are other things you’ll need to do—like waxing or oiling—to keep your table looking its best over time (and prevent water spots). 
  • You may want to start with these after cleaning if they’re needed; otherwise, just get into a routine!


We do hope that you’ve found this article helpful and informative. Now that you know how to keep the shine on your walnut bedside table, it will be easy to keep it looking good for years to come!