burst pipes Melbourne

Having burst pipes Melbourne is no less than a nightmare. But you can fix them by following this guide.

Turn Off Water

Frozen Water expands its volume by about 9%. The high pressure inside the pipes can increase from 40 to 40,000psi. It’s not possible for any pipe to hold such pressure as it can break easily. The pipe may break where the ice freezes, but in many cases, the pipe breaks where the pressure finds a weak point in the pipe. This frozen ice area could from inches to feet. Along with water, shut off the electricity as well to prevent any hazard.

Open a Tap

Open a tap to relive any remaining water pressure of water in the pipes.

Contact a plumber

In case you are not confident about repairing the pipe, call water leak detection Bundoora experts. The professionals will take over from there, and you don’t have to worry about anything.

Get rid of water

Take a bucket, mop, and a vacuum cleaner to eliminate water because you don’t want everything else in your house to be submerging in the water. You will also destroy the chances of mould and find a way to prevent pipes from freezing.

Increase the heat

Take a blowing fan and produce heat in the cold room. Don’t keep your garage door open. Reduce the water flow and heat up the weak pipes with the help of a hairdryer. As the ice will melt, the flow will increase.

Open All the Doors

Leave the doors open if the pipes have exposed inside the pantries or closets. To makes sure that the heat reaches each corner, open vanity and cabinet doors as well.

burst pipes Melbourne

Place a rubber piece over the leak

Put a piece of rubber on the leak instead of using clamp which might not be as effective.

Insert a woodblock before adding a clamp

In case you don’t have necessary tools to treat the leak, add a wood block over rubber before attaching a clamp. The woodblock will spread the pressure and will not let the pipe to collapse.

Use a C-Clamp

Insert C-Clamp on the woodblock & a rubber piece to properly seal the leak and fix it temporarily.

Take out the damaged pipe

If you are confident that the pipe leakage has been taken care of, cut the damaged pipe. But before you do that, shut off water supply drain out the damaged pipe and cut it with the help of a pipe cutter.

Clean & Flux

Clean the sleeve of the pipe by removing corrosion with the help of a fitting brush. Also, clean the outside of the pipe with the help of a sandcloth or emery paper. Brush the flux on all surfaces.

Slide the repair sleeve

Slide one end of the sleeve over one pipe and try slipping it back onto the other. Loosen the neighbouring pipe hangers if required. About ½ inch, centre the sleeve on the pipe ends of each pipe.

You can also take care of the burst pipes Melbourne by hiring the professionals. They will take care of everything.