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SEO is bread and butter for most of the businesses. Thinking about profitable online business and visibility without SEO services is like digging at the wrong place.

Therefore, it becomes important to have enough knowledge about SEO Melbourne to make sure about creating a constant place on Google ranking page.

Only 30% of small businesses rely on search engine optimization services. What about the rest of the 70% small businesses? How could they survive during the COVID-19 pandemic? And, what could be after the turbulent situation? Will SEO be still relevant in upcoming years? You might have many questions currently that you gaze answers in this blog.

We will not disappoint you.

Definitely. SEO is relevant in 2020 and upcoming years too. For instance, if you want to drive huge amounts of traffic to the website in the long term with valuable ROI, then SEO is a perfect way to start. Just think, we all rely upon GOOGLE whether to search any query, plan to go somewhere, want to cook, or even to shop things.

We are surrounded by technologies and now it becomes more & more advanced. Such technology enhancement has given wings to the SEO experts to simplify them for easy use. SEO gets advanced to cope up with Google and people start to include blackHat SEO techniques.

Here are few SEO best practices to help you simplify the SEO process, increase the traffic, and obtain good results.

#1. Optimization of search intent

Tell me, when you search for something on Google, every time it will return relevant results to match the search queries. Right? Search intent is so much important in 2020 and the upcoming years too.

Let’s consider an example. If you need to affiliate the skincare product website and you are trying to optimize for “best skin care product online” then you need to work hard for the ranking. Why so? It is because people search for buying the product means they want to go through various offers and eCommerce websites.

So, if users look out for eCommerce websites, Google figures out these things and display the right result. A better option could be to target something like “best skincare products for glowing skin” or other keywords where visitors search for the information rather than any specific store.

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Depending on the keyword you use, the search engine interprets the query with different intents:

  • Informational (if you look out for “sports” shoes)
  • Navigational (if you want to buy a specific brand product)
  • Transactional (if you find out the “cheap” sunglasses)

It is important to know that more than 80% of the total searches are informational and the rest of them are segmented between transactional and navigational. So before you start writing the content, it is important to ensure what you want to optimize.

#2. Do an in-depth keyword research

Keyword research is one of the most important parts of SEO. It is beneficial to know what your visitors’ lookout to plan the efforts in the right direction. Also, knowing about the competitors is equally important to make sure the research is inflow.

There are various content & keyword optimization tools you can choose to find the relevant keywords. Then, you can go for the ranking analysis to see the types of pages rank for the keyword you prefer to target.

In this way, you will completely understand the user intent and can build content based on information.

#3. Focus on the main topic

Don’t live with a misconception. It’s not compulsory to target a single keyword. It is so much important to target the main topic. And, it all revolves around the user intent. If you are thinking that two keyword phrases are similar but you aren’t sure then prefer to search on Google. Look into the search results to differentiate the meaning.

For example, the meaning of “shop for grocery” and “shopping grocery” might look similar, but the intent is so much different. In the first one, the person looks out for something to buy for grocery and in the second one, they find out stores to buy groceries.

However, it isn’t a perfect example but, I hope you understand the point.

When you are doing keyword research, always test the type of results that rank for the keywords. If there are similar keywords, you can combine the keywords for obtaining more traffic.

Don’t force to combine the intent and the result because if both are different, you may end up with none.

Now, the ball is in your court!

After the integration of the right SEO strategy, anyone can make a constant image on the web. For more information, get into connection with the SEO Company. Share your thoughts with us!