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Internal site search spam is the bane of many webmasters and SEOs. The problem, as per SEO Company Auckland, is that it’s hard to track down and, therefore, difficult to fix, but there are some things you can do to try to stop it from happening on your site.

Internal site search spam

Internal site search spam is a problem that affects all sites. It can be malicious, but as per SEO Company Auckland, it’s more often just annoying and annoying things are easy to fix.

This type of spam is caused by a number of different things:

  • The user typing in the wrong URL (for example, if you’re using https://yourdomainname/ instead of http://yourdomainname/)
  • A misconfiguration on your server or staging environment which allows people access to the content they shouldn’t have access to
  • Bad code that someone else has written for another purpose

Why does this happen?

When someone searches for a certain keyword or phrase on your site, they may be directed to another site that’s been artificially created by an automated bot. This can happen because the keyword or phrase was used on one of your pages and then linked to it from there. Or maybe it was used in the URL (this is called “keyword cloaking”).

The actual process for creating such links is called “keyword stuffing,” which involves using specific keywords in every page of content on your site so that when people visit those pages and click through them, they’re taken straight off somewhere else instead of landing back at where they were looking originally.¬†

This practice has become increasingly common over time as more people rely on search engines like Google instead of manually typing out URLs themselves–and thus make use of this type of deception tactics even more often than before!

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How do I fix it?

  • Check your site for internal site search spam. SEO Company Auckland suggests using a tool like Woorank or Google Search Console to identify instances of internal site search spam, then fix them manually if necessary.
  • Use a tool to remove internal site search spam from your website. There are many tools available that will help you remove internal site search spam from your site and prevent it from coming back in future updates.


In summary, overuse of internal search is a big problem for sites that want to be found in the SERPs. If you’re struggling with internal site search spam and want to get rid of it, then you can follow these steps:

  • Use some tools for auditing your site and seeing which pages are being indexed by Google/Bing.
  • Optimize those pages using schema markup, canonical tags and canonical redirects if necessary.
  • Check if there are any pages on your site where too much information appears in one place i.e., the About Us page with no other content anywhere else on the website (i.e., it’s taking over web traffic). If so, remove this page from indexing altogether or at least find a way to make sure that only relevant content appears there when people search for something specific rather than just browsing around randomly, looking into everything everywhere all at once!