custom timber vanity

Timbers are the basic needs of every house construction whether it is commercial or residential, it suits every place when it comes to decoration. Adding quality timber can add a great personality to your place. As timber is highly demanded, it also increases the property value and allows to get a good selling price.

Custom timber vanity and furniture are widely used in lavish bathrooms and hotels to give a luxurious appearance.

1)      Keep it simple

Simplicity is the key to elegance and beauty, whatever the place may be.  Simplicity in the interior décor enhances the classic look of the place. The simplest approach to clean your furniture is to use a soft, slightly damp cotton cloth and a dilute solution of dishwashing liquid and water, then dry it with a soft cotton rag. Avoid using abrasive or solvent-based cleaning agents, as well as furniture polishes.

2)      Choose the best finishing that suits your timber

A lacquered piece of furniture looks best the day it leaves the shop, whereas an oil finish age far more gracefully. Lacquer is sprayed over the wood and provides a protective layer. It’s a finish that requires no upkeep. Natural oil finishes, on the other hand, necessitate greater attention. An oil finish is penetrative, penetrating into the wood and giving moisture and stain resistance. Though lacquer oil can also be used at any time to restore the finish because as the wood is a natural product hence, it is important to refinish it on a regular basis.

3)      Protect your timber from spills

Spills happen, whether it’s a glass of red wine spilled at a dinner gathering or your morning coffee gone wrong. It’s advisable to wipe up the spill with a moist towel as soon as possible, but any long-term damage is mostly reliant on the finish of the furniture.

“In general, oil finishes gets absorbed into the wood hence making them less resistant to heat and spills.”

4)      Use AC wisely

Air conditioning that is too strong can damage your wood furniture. Generally, a piece of seasoned lumber has a general moisture level of roughly 12%. According to the experts. The use of air-conditioning causes the wood to dry which causes it to shrink and possibly distort over time.

It’s crucial to avoid placing your wood furniture directly beneath or in front of an air conditioning vent, as well as heaters, which can have a similar impact.

5)      Use curtains and coverings

Because direct UV light can discolour wood and break down a variety of treatments over time, it’s best to avoid exposing your wood furniture to it.

Another alternative is to give your wood furniture a more protective coating. According to Experts, various Polyurethane products contain UV-absorbing chemicals that prevent yellowing and discolouration of the timber, though they can’t completely eliminate that issue.


Your personality influences the type of furniture you want in your home. Because of its stylish features and long-lasting capability, the custom timber bed is gaining appeal among the general public. Choosing the right professional will help to achieve your dream décor. Hope you found the above information useful for your timber maintenance. Timber can be a valuable addition to the home décor if invested in the premium quality timber and properly maintained.