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Traffic engineering is an important concept of the construction industry. Traffic engineering is all about reducing traffic volume at a particular section of roads to prevent traffic accidents and maintain the safety of the people. The main objective of the parking survey is to ensure a safe parking space is provided to every vehicle to utilize the road in a better way. Traffic engineering also plays an important role in residential construction, consult the reputed traffic engineering consultants Canberra to know about the best traffic concepts and utilize parking space effectively at the residential places.

So, what is actually traffic engineering parking?

It is all about keeping track and monitors the vehicles entered in the area and analyzing the time slot of the vehicle it is parked. In traffic engineering terms, it is called as vehicle hours.

A parking survey includes data collection from on streets and off streets to understand the parking patterns in a better way.

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The majority of people are not familiar with types of parking, traffic engineering makes rules and necessary construction plans by monitoring the traffic and parking system. There are mainly two types of parking that are on-street and off-street.


In on-street parking, vehicles are parked near the edge of the road hence; it is also called kerb parking. There are several methods of on-street parking that are:

1)      Parallel parking: parallel parking uses the least width of the road and is useful for narrow street parking.

2)      30-degree parking: as the name itself says, 30 degree, all the vehicles are parked at the 30-degree angle at the edge of the road.

3)      45-degree parking:  in 45-degree parking, one side of the cars are parked at a 45 degree of angle with respect to edges.

4)      60-degree parking:  cars are placed at a 60-degree angle with respect to the edges.

5)      Right angle parking: cars are placed at the 90 degrees of angle with respect to the edges.


Off-street parking is generally to improve the parking in public areas to improve the congestion of public while ensuring safety. The types of off-street parking are:

1)      Surface car parks

2)      Multi-storey parks

3)      Roof parks

4)      Mechanical car parks

5)      Underground car parks

Different areas have different parking systems, it differs from region to region. The objects of parking study in traffic engineering are:

1)      To collect data for determining a demand for parking space.

2)      To improve and provides better facilities for parking vehicles.

3)      To make useful changes in future development plans and monitors the demand for parking space properly.

4)      To determine payout parking.

Winding-up: hope you found the above article useful and informative, there is a good career scope in traffic engineering too as it is an important part of the construction industry. Any civil engineering graduate can make a career in reputed traffic engineering Canberra Company.

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