Shower Base Melbourne

We are all aware that any type of shower drain, some more easily than others, can become clogged. Despite the fact that they are built to withstand a lot of abuse, floor and shower drains are common candidates for clogging.


Not all leaks are related to the structural integrity of the shower tray. For example, the silicone seal around the base of the shower door may be cracked. Alternatively, the seal on one side of the door may be loose. The only way to actually know if the Shower Base Melbourne is leaking or the plumbing is broken is to check the floor below. To do this, crawl under the house and check the floor joists. Larger leaks are visible when they spread outwards and soak the appropriate area. B. Drip to the wall of an adjacent room, or to the next level.


Major movements of all kinds are solid signs of pain failure. Concrete shower trays are made immobile due to their weight and are held in place by various layers, such as under the shower floor or wire mesh nailed to the wall. There is also a waterproof layer surrounded by an installation on the upper wall. However, with plastic shower trays, which are much lighter in weight and easier to move by hand, movement can cause cracks and seal breakage around the pipes if not followed proper installation. The plastic pot should be screwed into a wall stud during installation to make sure it is not moving. Also, it can be fixed in place by mounting it on the wall. Some plastic tiles attach directly to the underlay floor, while other plastic tiles have a thin layer of mortar to adhere to the underlay floor. In all cases, it should be wall mounted for stability.


Cracks are one of the first signs that the shower tray is out of order. Movement inside the house is unavoidable, so there is movement inside almost everything in the house. This natural crack is the result of seasonal movements and is not a sign of damage. For this reason, these joints are caulked in the shower facility to accommodate movement and maintain watertightness. However, the cracks in the middle of the pot can be more. If you have a plastic pot, cracks immediately indicate that the pot has failed. Hairline cracks at tile joints are normal in concrete shower trays, but are a sign of problems other than hairline cracks.


Shower trays are intended to be stable and supportive for many years. Deflection and all kinds of up and down movements are harmful to any pot. If the floor below, or the pot itself, gives up the ghost due to invisible flooding, the first thing you notice is the deflection, in this case no leaks. This is true even if things are connected by walls. The concrete pot doesn’t move. They are solid. Even a plastic shower tray will not work if installed correctly. If the underfloor underneath collapses, you will notice this as you will see some deflection as you enter and exit the vehicle. Call the Shower Base Repair experts before the things get worse.