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For Australians, outdoor blinds are the favorite and important investment whether it is summer or winter. The window treatments like shades and blinds are a great way to decorate the windows and doors to enhance their appearance. Blinds and shades are durable and require low maintenance but it’s important to clean them from time to time for preserving them in good condition for a longer time. As windows shades and blinds are exposed to the sun and moisture for most of the time, it accumulates dust and bacteria easily. Untidy and dirty shades and blinds might affect the air quality inside the house and it may sting bad odor and foggy smell if it’s not cleaned for a longer time. Take the help of an expert Outdoor Blinds Adelaide company to know in case of older and stubborn stains removal.

Cleaning outdoor blinds doesn’t have to be a daunting task. By the end of reading this blog, you will know some quick and easy tips to clean the outdoor blinds effectively, go on to reading the blog!

1)  Use a mild brush for regular blind cleaning

Use a soft bristle brush to clean both the sides of the blinds to get rid of stains and dust. It depends on the location you live, if you live in an area where there is more dust and a windy environment, you may need to clean the blinds weekly. Avoid brushing vigorously to prevent blinds damage. Cleaning both sides with a soft bristle brush can be a good option for cleaning regularly dust and debris.

2)  Don’t use harsh chemicals

Many people think that strong detergents and cleansers might do a better clean job but not for the blinds and shades as it can damage the fiber of the shades and make them weaker. In case of stubborn stains, you might use a chemical-free stain remover or mild cleanser to get rid of the stain.

3)  Avoid high-pressure cleaning

Using harsh brushing and harsh cleaning methods can damage the materials and fibre of the outdoor blinds. As a result, it may lead to wear and tear of the blinds. With the high-pressure cleaning, it may look cleaner for some moment but after some time, it may look dull and loose.

4)  Clean stains immediately

It’s obvious that outdoor blinds are more likely to expose to dirt and debris and may get stained if the dirt is ignored for a longer time.  Blinds are also likely to get stains due to bird droppings and many other household items hence, clean the stains immediately with a soft brush and mild cleanser to prevent permanent staining.

5)  Dry blinds effectively

Drying blinds efficiently is important because extra moisture left on the blinds can result in mold and bacteria growth. Avoid washing and cleaning blinds on rainy days to prevent mold formation.

6)  Focus on sidetracks while cleaning blinds

Many blinds come with sidetracks, using a dry lubricant on both sides of the track can be a good option to clean efficiently without harming the blind tracks. 


hope you enjoyed reading outdoor blind cleaning and maintenance blogs, hire the professional Roller Shutters Adelaide company in case of any repair or emergency cleaning requirements.