tree pruning Melbourne

To have a healthy fruit tree, it’s necessary to prune it regularly. Neglecting to prune your fruit trees can kill them in time. However, that doesn’t mean you need to do the work yourself. Tree pruning can be a tricky job, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing or how to tell if the health of your trees has been affected by the pruning itself. If so, these five reasons will help you decide whether or not tree pruning Melbourne-wide service could be right for you.

1. Preventing accidents

Sure, fruit trees are beautiful and provide shade and shelter. But what most people don’t consider is that this lovely greenery can also fall on them. If you know you don’t have time to prune your fruit trees—or if you simply don’t want to risk doing it yourself—hiring professionals might be your best bet. In addition, there are other reasons for hiring a tree pruning service, such as preventing injuries from falling branches.

2. Improves structural integrity

If you’re growing fruit trees that haven’t been pruned before, over time, their branches will become too heavy for their structure and are likely to break. Pruning creates strong, long-lasting branches that support ripe and full fruit. This makes your tree more resistant to wind damage and better able to handle storms. It also prevents your fruit from being damaged by high winds. In addition, pruning allows light into a tree’s interior, which helps it grow more vigorously and reduces disease pressure on its fruit buds. Finally, properly trained arborists can select the best shape for your tree, so it fits well into its space and becomes an attractive part of your landscape design.

tree pruning Melbourne

3. Improve the health of the tree

Overgrown, unpruned trees can suffer from excessive shading, which stunts growth, lowers fruit yields, and weakens stems. In extreme cases, it’s possible for an overgrown tree to die altogether. By contrast, a properly pruned tree develops into a healthy shape that maximizes sunlight exposure and fruit production—it’s not just about looks. Also, diseased limbs should be removed as soon as possible because they can easily spread disease to other parts of your tree—or even neighbouring trees—if left untreated or ignored for too long.

4. Pruning Removes Dead & Dying Limbs

Not only does pruning remove dead or dying limbs, but it also ensures that your tree gets adequate air circulation. An open centre lets fresh air move freely around your tree’s limbs, keeping them strong and healthy. This is critical when you have mature trees on your property, as they can easily succumb to pests or disease if their wood becomes too humid. Pruning can also be used as a preventative measure against potential problems before they start—and it will help keep away dangerous animals like squirrels!

5. Encourage fruit production

Fruit trees are almost always pruned by a tree service Melbourne-wide. Not only is it important for the aesthetics and long-term health of your fruit tree, but it’s required to encourage healthy growth and crop yields. If you aren’t careful when you prune your fruit trees, you may kill them! For example, if you leave an apple branch on a tree too long after its fruiting season has ended, it will continue to draw energy from other parts of the plant; that energy should be going toward growing new branches and leaves instead.