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The Last thing that you would expect when you start your car is a continuous chirping sound, but the car won’t start. That sound is called cranking. The issue is not that sound; the sound is assurance that the starter is doing the job. The issue is even then; the car won’t start. You would have your car to the Body shops In Richmond that have mechanics to look for a solution or repairs.

Before Richmond car repair, know the reason why your car engine would crank but not start.


A spark is what causes the fuel and air mixture in your car’s gas engine to ignite. Spark plugs, appropriately, produce this spark. A little spark is formed in the space between the electrodes when a spark plug is lit. Each spark plug fires hundreds of times per minute; therefore, a malfunctioning plug is a major issue. It’s possible that one or more spark plugs need to be replaced if your engine isn’t getting the spark it requires.

The spacing between the electrodes may become inaccurate over time, necessitating the replacement of the plug. However, there are issues other than the spark plugs themselves that could prevent them from firing, so components such as the distributor could be to blame.

Low Compression

Each cylinder needs compression for the engine to work properly. During each piston stroke, the compression ratio compares the greatest cylinder volume to the minimum cylinder volume. If one or more cylinders have low compression, the air in the combustion cycle leaks through the piston rings limiting the amount of work the cylinder can do to turn the crankshaft.

Compression problems can e caused y damaged or lost timing belts or chains or damaged upper camshafts. Engine overheating is another serious problem that can prevent your car from starting.

Clogged Fuel Injectors

If the car starts when you turn the key, but the engine does not start, it may be because the fuel has not reached the engine. A possible reason for this could be a dirty injector. Over time, fuel injectors can become clogged with rust, corrosion, or debris. If clogged, the injector may not be able to fill the cylinder with the correct amount of fuel, and the vehicle may not start at all. To keep the fuel injector clean and functioning as intended, always use only high-quality fuel in the tank.

Engine Computer Problem

If the engine computer fails, the engine may crank but not start. This problem is very rare, but there are some situations where cars are prone to this problem. One such scenario is improper starting of a dead battery, which can damage the engine’s computer.

Frozen Or Faulty Fuel Line

As with weak fuel pumps, if the fuel line is frozen, that’s bad news. Depending on the location of the car, this problem often occurs when the cold wind is blowing. When the fuel line freezes, it is almost impossible for fuel to reach the fuel pump from the fuel line and start the engine. Without these thawed fuel lines, you could turn the key and hear the crank, and unfortunately, the engine wouldn’t start. You can opt for professional Panel Beaters Melbourne instead.