removable bollardsremovable bollards

Removable and Retractable bollards are a great way to control traffic. They’re simple to install, and they’re easy to remove when you need access. Retractable bollards have some advantages over removable ones.

They don’t require any machinery or electricians on site, they’re more stable against windy conditions and they can be installed higher off the ground.

Let’s know the difference between the two!

What is Removable Bollard?

Removable Bollard is a type of traffic control device that can be used for many purposes. They are usually installed on the road to separate traffic lanes and protect property from damage or intruders, or they can be taken away from the area to allow vehicles through.

Many benefits come with having these bollards installed in your area:

  • They’re easy to install – The process of setting up a permanent bollard takes time, but installing one as a removable one takes only minutes! This makes them ideal for large projects where you want something quick and simple (like building new sidewalks).
  • They’re versatile – There’s no limit on what kind of situation you could use removable bollards for! You could install them near parking spaces so people don’t park illegally; place them outside buildings so people don’t park too close; secure gates leading into public parks etc.

What is Retractable Bollard?

Retractable bollards are a type of bollard that can be removed or retracted. They are used to prevent vehicles from entering restricted areas, such as parking lots and traffic intersections.

The advantages of using retractable bollards include safety, security and convenience. These features make the product ideal for many applications such as those listed above. 

removable bollards
removable bollards

Installation and Maintenance

When installing removable bollards, it is important to ensure that the base of the barrier is level with the ground. This can be done by placing a spirit level on both sides of your barrier and checking for verticality. If there are any discrepancies between these measurements, then adjust accordingly until they are lined up properly.

Once installed, these bollards will require regular maintenance for them to remain effective and safe for use. The best way to maintain your system is by having someone who knows how these types of products work come out and inspect them regularly.

Cost Factors

The cost factors for these three types of bollards are different. The removability factor is the most important one and it means that the bollard can be removed from its location after a certain period, which may or may not be determined by you. 

For this reason, the removable bollard is more expensive than retractable ones and fixed ones. However, if we consider both aspects together then it becomes clear that there will be no difference between them when it comes to price because all these options have their advantages and disadvantages which depend on different situations or requirements of clients’ companies etc.


So, the next time you’re looking for a new way to protect your property and keep pedestrians safe, consider investing in removable bollards as they can be installed as quickly. The maintenance is also much easier because there are no moving parts involved with these types of products.