Custom name badges

Custom name badges have always been a popular way for companies to add a little personality and help employees distinguish one another. If you’re in the business of promoting your brand, you should also consider getting your company’s name badges as custom name badges. It’s a great way to show customers, clients, and suppliers that you’re the company they’re dealing with. Or, in this case, working for. If you’re unfamiliar with how to select your Custom name badges, here’s a step-by-step guide to help you get started.

What to Consider When Choosing Your Custom Name Badges?

When choosing your custom name badges, you should consider the following: – What will your company’s brand look like? – How long will your company need to use the custom name badges? – What size is the logo on the custom name badge? – What materials are best for printing? – How much does it cost to have them made?

What is a Custom Name Badge?

A custom name badge is a form of identification that is usually worn by employees at work. The idea behind a customizable name badge is to identify different people. They come in different shapes, sizes, and colours and can be designed with your company’s logo on them.

How to Select Your Custom Name Badges?

First, you’ll want to decide what type of name badges you want to order. If you want your name badge to have text on it, you can choose from a variety of fonts, colour options, and shapes. You can also add your company logo (as long as it’s not too big), an image or illustration of your company’s mascot, or even a message that will be displayed across the entire badge. You can also get different types of name badges with different embellishments such as ribbons and sequins. Next, decide on the size of the name badges you need. But if you prefer to have more customization options, consider getting a custom size that is based on your needs (for example, if your company is square-shaped and has multiple logos). The price difference per unit between standard and custom-sized name badges is usually negligible so there really isn’t much risk in getting the custom size. 

Once you know how many units of your custom size you want to purchase, select whether you want them in full colour or just monochrome printing. You can also choose whether or not the ink for both sides will match if this is important for your specific design. Finally, once you know all these details about selecting your custom name badges—including what type and size—you should think about requesting a sample before making any

Custom name badges

Things to Avoid When Selecting Your Custom Name Badges

First, you should avoid the use of graphics. This will make it difficult to sew your name badges and create a professional look. Second, you should avoid using any company logos in your design. It’s best to have your company’s name as the only graphic on the badge. Finally, you should try to avoid using too many colors; it can be hard to distinguish one from another.

Creating custom name badges is a simple and effective way for companies to add personality to their business and differentiate themselves from others in their industry. Custom name badges are an effective way for companies to show customers, clients, and suppliers that they’re dealing with the right person or company when they’re looking for products or services. 

In this case, it’s important that you select custom name badges carefully so that they can enhance your company’s brand image and professionalism. First, avoid the use of graphics because they’ll be difficult to sew into your custom name badges and create a professional look. Second, don’t use any company logos in your design because people will see them immediately instead of focusing on your company’s name as the sole graphic on the badge. Thirdly, try not to use too many colors because it can be hard for people to distinguish one color from another when wearing their custom name badge.


Name badges are an essential part of your conference experience. They can be personalized to your liking, and make a great impression on those attending your conference. But when selecting a custom name badge, not all badges are created equal hence choose wisely!