corporate gift boxes

When you’re in charge of coordinating company gift baskets, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the number of options. You want to make sure that the gifts you send will be appreciated, so we’ve compiled a list of things to consider when sending corporate gift boxes:

Know Your Audience

The first step to choosing the right corporate gift box is knowing who you’re sending it to. It’s important to have a good understanding of their interests, values, and personality so that you can make sure they receive something they will enjoy.

For example, if you are sending a gift box to an individual or couple with children in their household:

  • Know their interests and hobbies. Do they like playing sports? Are they always fishing in their backyard? Do her kids participate in youth sports leagues and activities throughout the year? Consider what kind of things might be useful for them based on these hobbies or interests.
  • Know how old their kids are (and if there are any pets). Older children may appreciate something more grown-up than toys—like tickets for a movie night or concert tickets for an upcoming event that all members of the family can go to together (this might require some extra planning), whereas younger kids would probably prefer some new toys instead (which could also require some careful coordination with other parents). Pets will almost certainly love any food treats—but make sure there aren’t any allergies that could cause problems!

Practice Timing

It is important to consider the recipient’s schedule. Is it a busy time for them? Are they on vacation? Will your gift arrive at a good time for them, or will you be disrupting their schedule by sending something too late or too early?

It is also important not to send anything on or around the holidays or birthdays of anyone in your office. If you are sending a birthday gift, try to wait until January so that there aren’t any similar gifts arriving at once. And if you’re sending out holiday gifts, avoid doing so before Thanksgiving because people might not have finished their shopping yet.

corporate gift boxes

Personalize Your Gifts

Personalization is the best way to show that the gift you’ve chosen was thoughtfully considered. You don’t want your employees to feel like they’re receiving a random token of your gratitude, so try these ideas:

  • Include a card with a personal message. It can be as simple as “Thank you!” or “We appreciate everything you do.” Or it could include some kind words about how much they mean to your company and how special they are. A great way to personalize even further is by including an additional photo or photograph, such as one from their wedding day or baby shower if they recently had one. If there’s no occasion, just give them something from their favourite artist or band!
  • Add a gift card in addition to other gifts—particularly if your workplace has an employee rewards program where people can earn points for purchases made at certain stores (think Amazon Prime memberships). Cards like these are useful because everyone likes saving money on things they need anyway; however, don’t forget about those who don’t spend money online often enough—you might want more information regarding our services here too!

Don’t Send Anything Perishable.

Perishable gifts are not good for corporate gifts. You might be thinking, “Isn’t it the thought that counts?” Sure, but when you’re sending a perishable food item as a gift to your colleagues, they’ll likely either throw it out or eat it themselves immediately. Perishable items are also not very eco-friendly because they add more waste to landfills. The best way to avoid these situations is by sending non-perishable food items instead of perishable ones.


The best corporate gift boxes are the ones that leave a lasting impression on their recipients. This means you have to think about what will make your gift box stand out and be memorable, rather than focusing on the ease of sending something quickly. Hopefully, these tips will help you get started on creating your own unique ones.