Custom name badges

If you work in an office or are a member of an organization, you probably have to wear a name tag. But maybe you’re tired of traditional pin-on name tags and looking for an alternative. Magnetic name tags are a great solution if you’re looking for something different than the norm. You may think magnetic name tags aren’t a good option for security reasons, but that is not true thanks to the improvements in magnet technology over recent years. Magnets today are so powerful that they can hold through clothing without causing damage. So it makes sense to consider using Magnetic Name badges as your next nametag choice!


  • No need to buy new name badges
  • No need to buy new lanyards
  • No need to buy new clips
  • No need to buy new pins
  • No need to buy new belts, and so on.


When you customize your name tags, you can really make them match the branding of your company or event. You can choose from a large variety of colors for the background and text to ensure it matches with any color scheme. For example, if you are hosting an event for clients in pink and purple, we can help you create custom badges that match the theme perfectly. You may also be able to choose different font styles such as script or modern bold lettering depending on what works best!

Custom look

Customize your own name tags. Your business or organization is unique and so should be the custom magnetic name tags you use to represent it. You can create a custom look by choosing from different colors, fonts, and images in our online design center or by uploading any logo that you have on hand. You can also add a QR code to your custom magnet if you want people to be able to scan it with their mobile phones for more information about your business or organization.

No damage

Another benefit of a custom magnetic name tag is that it cannot damage your clothing or skin. Unlike pins, there are no sharp needles to poke holes in your clothes and make them rip. There’s also nothing that can cause damage to your skin because there are no sharp edges or extra weight pressing down on you .

Though this may seem like a minor benefit, it’s actually quite important if you’re looking for a way to avoid damaging any clothing or accessories.

No pins

  • No need to worry about the magnet falling off.
  • No pins to lose.
  • No pins to break. (Even better, no need for replacements!)
  • No pins that could poke someone or you during use (or while they’re just sitting around).


In addition to being more professional and stylish, custom magnetic name tags have a lot of practical benefits. Another benefit of these types of name tags is that they are very convenient in terms of storage and transportation. You don’t need anything else except for yourself as they can be placed on any surface without having to worry about losing them or damaging them during transport between home and work places.


A good custom magnetic name tag can last you for a long time. These tags are not made from cheap plastic, but instead from durable materials like stainless steel or aluminum, which makes it hard for them to be damaged or destroyed. In fact, since these tags are made of such strong material that they do not easily break or crack, you can use them over and over again without worrying about them breaking or cracking anytime soon!


Magnetic name tags are an affordable alternative to traditional name badges and will save you money over time. Magnetic name badges are a great option for businesses looking for a cost-effective way to identify employees, volunteers, or vendors.