SEO Montreal

SEO Montreal is an essential part of the digital marketing strategy. It helps you reach your target audience in the most efficient way possible, ensuring that they are able to find your site and understand what it has to offer them. 

This can be achieved through both technical and non-technical strategies – if done correctly, these two methods can work hand-in-hand with each other so as to provide you with a complete solution for optimizing your site for search engine rankings!

Technical SEO

  • Use a 301 redirect to move pages from one URL to another
  • Create a robots.txt file that blocks search engine crawlers from accessing your site
  • Create a sitemap and make sure it’s up-to-date
  • Use canonical URLs for H1 and H2 tags in your content

On-page SEO

The SEO Services Montreal includes the below facets in on-page SEO. 

  • Title tags and meta descriptions
  • Meta keywords, meta robots and page load speed
  • Internal linking through the use of all internal links on your website to other pages within your site (including canonical URLs), as well as external links from other sites that point back to yours. 
  • Content: This includes textual information on a webpage—such as text, images or videos—as well as how it’s organized in terms of headings, subheadings, paragraphs etc., which all contribute to a user’s experience when they’re using their browser or mobile device while browsing through various websites online at any given time!

SEO Montreal

Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO is a great strategy for any business to optimize their site. It’s an important part of your overall SEO strategy, and it can improve the performance of your website by providing additional backlinks to it from other websites. Here are some examples:

  • Backlinks – This is where you get links from other websites that point directly at yours (or more than one page on your site). Backlinks help search engines understand what kind of content users want when they search for specific keywords or phrases related to those topics—and they also provide credibility when they see how many sites link out pointing back at yours! 
  • Social media – Social networks such as Facebook and Twitter have become essential tools for businesses looking to increase their visibility online; however, many people don’t realize how much potential social media holds when used properly–especially if combined with off-page strategies like these ones listed above.”


We highly recommend that you take the time to implement all of these strategies, as they will help you build a more effective website. The best part is that it has been proven over and over again that these methods work!