best infrared sauna Sydney

Saunas Sydney session is undoubtedly one of the finest indulgences that you can treat yourself to. It not only allows you to unwind but also provides numerous health benefits such as soothing sore muscles, detoxifying your body, and improving cardiovascular performance. The key to making the most of your sauna experience is knowing how to make it as relaxing as possible. In this blog post, we dive into the five essential ways to help intensify your relaxation and transform your sauna sessions into a serene sanctuary.

Choose the Ideal Temperature and Time:

Finding the perfect temperature and time for your sauna session is essential for the ultimate relaxation experience. Beginners should start with lower temperatures and gradually increase their tolerance as they become more familiar with the sauna experience. You should aim for a temperature range of 150-175°F (65-75°C). Even though experienced sauna bathers might go for 200°F (93°C), higher temperatures could pose risks to your health, especially if you’re not used to it.

As for the duration of the session, starting with shorter time intervals of 10-12 minutes is recommended for beginners. As your body becomes accustomed to the heat, gradually increase the duration up to 20-30 minutes. Be sure to listen to your body, and ensure that you don’t overexert yourself – this is about relaxation, after all.

Introduce Aromatherapy:

Incorporating aromatherapy into your sauna experience can significantly boost relaxation and create a soothing ambiance. Essential oils such as lavender, eucalyptus, and peppermint can do wonders for an already de-stressing sauna session. Lavender is known for its calming effects on the nervous system, while eucalyptus offers respiratory benefits and peppermint is excellent for its cooling sensation. To experience aromatherapy in your sauna, simply add a few drops of your chosen essential oil to a bowl of water and gently pour it onto the sauna rocks or heater.

Incorporate Relaxing Music or Nature Sounds:

Music or nature sounds can also help enhance your best infrared saunas Sydney session by creating an atmosphere of tranquility and harmony. Relaxing instrumental music, calming soundscapes, or the soothing sound of ocean waves can work wonders for your senses, reducing stress and anxiety as you sink into the sauna’s warmth. You may use a portable Bluetooth speaker, or select saunas are even equipped with built-in audio systems for a seamless musical experience.

best infrared sauna Sydney

Practice Mindful Breathing Exercises:

One of the most effective ways to intensify your relaxation in a sauna is by integrating mindful breathing exercises. Through controlled, deep breaths you can induce calmness, lower your heart rate, and ease the tension in your muscles. Here is a simple breathing exercise to practice while in the sauna:

– Inhale slowly through your nose for a count of four.

– Hold your breath for a count of four.

– Exhale slowly through your mouth for a count of eight.

Repeat the process for at least ten cycles or as long as you feel comfortable in the sauna.

Hydrate and Cool Down:

Remember that proper hydration is crucial to ensure a relaxing and safe Saunas Sydney experience. Drinking water before, during, and after your session aids in replenishing the fluids lost due to sweating. Moreover, ensure you adequately cool down afterward by stepping outside or taking a quick, refreshing shower to ease the transition back to room temperature. Be sure not to skip this vital step, as it plays a significant role in completing the relaxation process.


Elevating your sauna sessions is as simple as adhering to these five techniques which place utmost importance on personalizing your experience, catering to your senses, and ensuring your comfort. With the right combination of temperature, time, essential oils, soothing sounds and mindful breathing exercises, your sauna sanctuary will provide an unmatched rejuvenating retreat. Remember to prioritize hydration and cool down to fully reap the relaxation benefits, and above all, listen to your body. Incorporate these relaxation-enhancing methods and get ready to immerse yourself in the ultimate sauna experience.