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It’s time to jump right into the pre-construction phase of your new home once you’ve completed the architectural design step!

Your pre-construction phase will be full of progress with an organized Home Builders in Adelaide on board, some of which you will see and participate in, and some of which will be completed behind the scenes. During this time, your builder’s to-do list will be lengthy.

Let’s look at some of the things your custom builder should be performing at the Pre-Construction Phase:

Make a pre-construction schedule

Your custom builder should create a pre-construction timeline. What all you have to see is builder accountability. Hopefully, your Home Builders Adelaide has effective internal systems in place to ensure that each phase of your project is completed successfully.

Home Builders Adelaide

Setting a timeline with target dates is certainly part of their process. If your  Custom Home Builders Adelaide doesn’t have internal protocols in place, inform them right immediately that you expect them to keep your project organized. Requesting a pre-construction schedule can help with this.

Make a selection schedule

This is a huge one. Making as many decisions ahead of time as possible is critical to ensuring that the construction of your home runs as smoothly as possible. Your bespoke builder should be able to provide you with a comprehensive list of possibilities before breaking ground. If you and your interior designer have a clear path forward from your builder, the selection process will be much easier and less stressful.

Should give preference to Client’s Choice

Your custom builder must have a system in place for collecting your choices and purchasing materials so that the building may proceed on time. The builder offers the plans upfront and then sends requests as the homeowner and designer make particular choices. The procedure becomes more hectic, frantic, and irritating due to this.

The homeowners and interior designers will know far ahead of time when selections will be necessary during the construction phase if they are given a detailed selection calendar during the pre-construction phase. Even better if the builder delivers regular updates showing which options should be prioritized next.

Builders Adelaide

Make a project calendar

Before breaking ground on your home, your custom builder must prepare a personalized construction for you. It gives the staff and their subcontractor network a road map to follow and hold themselves accountable.

Material ordering deadlines might be missed, processes can be completed out of order, sub-stacking and coordinating on-site becomes more complex, and so on if the timetable is not kept track of. All of these mistakes can lead to significant construction delays.

The speed with which your builder completes this pre-construction phase, as well as the number of options you make before breaking ground, will have a significant impact on how smoothly the rest of your home building process goes. It is critical to select a Home Builders Adelaide wide that provides excellent service at a reasonable cost.

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