Pool Service Adelaide

Why do you have a pool filter? Chances are, it’s to keep your water clean and sanitary. If you’ve ever had algae in your pool, you know how important it is to keep your filter clean.

Now it’s time to treat your pool right by incorporating regular pool service Adelaide into your maintenance schedule.

But how can you tell when yours needs servicing? Here are some telltale signs that indicate it’s time for a change:

The pool water is cloudy.

If your pool is cloudy and you are not sure why it may be because the filter is dirty. If this is the case, there are multiple ways you can clean it. You can backwash the filter manually or use a vacuum to remove sand from it. A professional Pool Service Adelaide will help assess whether or not your pool needs to be drained so that they can get rid of all of the debris that is blocking water from flowing through properly.

Green pool water.

If you’ve been swimming in your pool for a few weeks and suddenly notice an increase in algae growth, it could be time to clean your filter. You may also notice that the water is not as clear or clean as usual.

When your pool filter is dirty, the water will turn green. This happens because algae is a natural part of the pool ecosystem. Algae can be harmful to humans and animals if it’s present in large quantities. It can also cause skin irritation, rashes and other health problems.

Your chlorine levels are off.

There are several signs that can indicate your pool filter is dirty, but the most common and easy-to-recognise sign is a change in the chlorine level.

Chlorine is important in keeping your water clean, safe, and sanitary. If you see an increase in chlorine levels, it means there’s less dirt in your pool water than usual.

If there’s too much or too little chlorine present in your pool water, this could be due to an issue with either the pump or filter system and should be addressed immediately with qualified help from professionals at Aquamatic Pools & Spas!

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The filter pump is working harder than usual.

If your pool filter is dirty, the pump may be working harder than usual. It’s a good idea to check the filter every day or two. If you notice that the filter is not as effective as it once was, it may be time to replace it with a new one.

Also, excessive use of pool chemicals can cause the filter to work harder than normal and wear out faster than expected.

Circulation problems.

If your pool’s filter is dirty, it can cause circulation problems that require immediate attention. Circulation issues include:

  • Pool pump is running more than usual.
  • Pool takes longer to fill.
  • Water is not circulating properly.

For safety reasons, if you suspect your pool filter has become soiled or damaged and needs to be changed or repaired right away, contact a local Pool Service Adelaide expert before attempting any repairs on your own.


If you notice any of these symptoms, it’s time to clean your pool filter. The best way to maintain or repair a pool pump is to have it professionally serviced by a local pool service expert.