swimming pool heater pumps

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to use your pool for more than just one season? This is one of the biggest reasons why pool owners invest in a pool heat pump system. Adding the best pool heat pump system to your swimming pool helps you extend the swimming season so you can enjoy swimming at maximum temperature whenever you want.

They capture and transfer heat from the surrounding area to heat the pool water that circulates through it.

Also, installing the Pool Heat Pumps running costs are lower, and the impact on the environment is also less than other pool heating systems.

It is a popular choice for outdoor swimming pools and works best during summer and mild climates.

Here’s a quick explanation of how you and your family will benefit from the device.

##Extend Your Swim Season 

There is no reason to limit the use of the pool in the Phoenix area from April to September. As the evening cools down, set your heater to a comfortable water temperature for the swimming pool and enjoy a pleasant swim.

##Experience Night Swimming 

In a non-heated pool, the water temperature fluctuates concerning the variation in air temperature. However, the pool’s temperature can remain heated using pool heat pumps, even if the air temperature does not change.

##It keeps you fit and healthy year-round

Swimming is an excellent form of exercise and more enjoyable with friends and family. Also, some research has also shown that swimming in hot water can burn calories.

##Return on investment 

Knowing your pool is at the right temperature can make the difference between a comfortable swim or a cold swim on a fall day. After all, you don’t have to sacrifice family time at your favourite place because of the weather.


Although pool heat pumps have a high cost, they cost less in the long run. But how do you choose the right heat pump from the market? Here are three tips for choosing the best one for you


The energy efficiency of a heat pump pool heater is measured by the coefficient of operation (COP). While comparing COPs of different models or brands is not the only determinant indicator, use the same test for each model.

  1. SIZE

It is essential to choose the right size pool heat pump to match, and a good rule of thumb is to go for a trained pool professional to analyze the exact sizing and determine the size of the trained pool heater.


Installing the best pool heat pump system prices are dramatic, and the most important thing is to set a budget and stick to it.

Final Words,

Having a home pool is a fun thing to do. If a pool is a suitable investment that makes your home worthwhile, a pool with a pool heat pump does even more.

So, you can enjoy hot water and time with friends and family. Contact your reputed service provided and discuss heating options with their benefits!