House Inspection Checklist

House inspection has always been a crucial part of the construction and pre-purchase of the property. The majority of people think that moving into a new house is safe because the house is newly constructed but to be on the safer side, always hire the professional Building Inspector Caroline Springs to be 100% sure. It can be confusing when making a checklist for the house inspection. One should never skip house inspection whether it is buying a new home or constructing the home from scratch. Hiring a reputed inspection company can solve half of the future problems related to construction.  Do proper research and focus on the essential areas where inspection is required while preparing the checklist.

Building Inspector

5 Categories That You Must Consider In House Inspection Is:


Foundation is the area to be the focus on first because it can cause problems down the road in the future. Foundation might seem in good condition without cracks from the outer appearance but it’s necessary to inspect whether its interior quality is proper or not.


Structural integrity and strength are the two most important factors that can’t be compromised. Ensure the house structure is strong to prevent future hazards.


Don’t leave any corner, examine every exterior and interior area of the house, and take a tour of the house from top to bottom to check every area and hidden defect.  Exterior and interior inspection include roof decaying, mould inspection, landscaping, and many more. It will also help if you want to construct a garden or outdoor area regarding a better drainage system and proper gutter installation.

Plumbing and HVAC

Plumbing and HVAC are the things from where the housing issue arises such as leaking and many more. Improper functioning of HVAC also affects the ventilation of the house and air quality hence indirectly affects the wall colour and flooring quality to dull over time. Also, inspect thoroughly for all interior and exterior leaks and cracks to protect the house structure.

Electrical Appliances

Electrical appliances can ruin the entire house if it is not inspected professionally. Carelessness in the installation of electrical gadgets can lead to severe disasters such as fire and damage half of the interiors of the house.

Winding-up:  there are so many things in inspection other than this, it’s better to spare proper time and have a walk around the entire house. No matter, experts know their job well and do with complete perfection but checking by self can help you find the unknown defect of the area that professionals might not know. Obviously, you know your house better from every corner.  Always hire the professional House Inspections Williamstown Company that offers guaranteed work and flexible emergency service. Hire the reputed inspector at the right time of the house buying to get the accurate disclosure of the quotations. If you are confused while hiring the inspector for the house, take recommendations from neighbours, friends and also check online reviews and past work experience.

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