drop down grab rails

Grab rails are widely used in modern house construction because of its comfort and it helps to reduce the slips and other bathroom accidents. As the bathroom is a wet area throughout the day, there are more chances to get slip or falling due to water.  Especially for an older family member, it might be a difficult job in standing and lifting up in the bathroom. Hence to reduce slip injuries and other accidents, drop down grab rails are widely used among hospitals, commercial offices, and houses. It’s better to invest in the drop-down toilet rails to prevent bathroom accidents rather than spending on treatment after an accident. 

A house with a good facility always returns in good resale value. So, investing in grab bars and rails can add a new look to your bathroom and toilet while providing safety inside the bathroom.

There are several types of grab bars available.

1) Straight grab bars.

Straight grab bars are perfectly straight that comes in different sizes. This is the most commonly used grab bar for bathrooms and other areas and can be installed in three directions.

disabled grab rail

2) Wave- styles grab bars.

Wave style grab bar is also similar to that of the straight grab bar, the difference is just it has a curve in between to give an attractive look.

3) Slide bar grab bar.

Slide bar grab rail helps in standing and sitting while bathing in shower by providing support. Old age and disable people can stand up in the shower by holding the shower head and grab rails.

4) Grab bar clamps.

Grab bar clamps is basically used for lifting up while coming out of the bathtub hence it is not suitable like other grab rails to pull with body weight. Grab bar clamps is generally installed at the sides of bathtub and it requires to tight the clamping as it might get loose over time.

5) Flip-up flip-down grab bars.

Flip-up flip down are generally installed in the toilet area and can be removed easily when they are not required to use.

6) Floor to ceiling poles.

As it is connected to the floor and ceilings, it can be easily used for any low or high height to provide support and holding.

7) Angled grab bars.

These type of grab bars are suitable for installing in the limited space area, generally, it comes in 90 degrees and corner. Hence it is suitable to install at corners.

Wrap-up: grab bars are a versatile option to maintain safety and stability in the bathroom. It will also give peace of mind if you have a disabled or elder family member in the house.  The disabled grab rail is also similar to that of normal grab rails, it is designed with more specifications to help the disabled person while showering, toileting, and household essential functions.  Choose the best-reputed company to buy the premium quality grab rails and other bathroom equipment, many companies also design customized grab rails according to measurements and patient’s choice.

Feel free to share suggestions for grab rails in the comment section that you use in your home for bathroom safety.