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We all might have heard the things like stand straight and sit straight from our school teachers and elders from a young age. Actually, that advice is for your betterment but we don’t realize it until it gets problematic for us. Sitting comfortably with bending back might feel comfortable but it can get the habit of sitting and standing like that and result in a poor posture of the body. The majority of people don’t realize that poor posture can have an adverse effect on the body and health too. But thanks to physiotherapy and other therapies that are able to cure poor posture and other issues. Book an appointment with your nearest reputed Chiropractor Sydney to be sure about your body posture and health.

Below are some reasons and effects of the poor posture, keep on reading the blog!

1)    Spine curvature

Poor posture is something that doesn’t occur overnight, it occurs when excessive pressure is provided to a particular area of the body, and as a result; it changes the shape of the natural curve. Our spines are capable to absorb shocks but poor posture can deteriorate their natural ability. Poor posture can put the body at more risk and prone to serious injury in the future.

2)    Back pain

The most common side effects of poor posture are unwanted strain and pressure on the lower and upper body. Hence it’s always a good habit to do a little bit of stretching and exercise of back and neck rotation to avoid future issues. After a long day of work, relax your body and do basic stretching and exercise to free the nerves and joints.

3)    Neck pain and headache

Shoulders and neck are connected with each other so, when the neck gets bent downward it puts pressure on the shoulder muscle and tightens the muscle. This causes headaches and pain around the neck areas.

4)    Improper sleep

If you don’t sleep in correct posture at night, you are likely to get the neck and other joint issues. With the painful joints and muscles, your body will be unable to relax at night and you will loss hours of sleep by switching and tossing the sleep positions.

5)    Poor digestion system

Generally, the people with office jobs have to sit in the same position for hours even after eating hence, lack of walking and body movement can lead to improper digestion and other body problems.

6)    Lack of confidence

And it’s obvious that poor posture will make you look ugly and it will make your confidence level down causing demotivation.

Conclusion: it all starts with minor and low back pain but it’s important to give attention to the signs that body gives. Temporary muscle and joint pain can turn into permanent pain and result in poor posture with time. With the effective physiotherapy, it’s possible to cure the muscles, joints, and other body issues. If you feel like you are struggling with body pain or poor posture then don’t waste time anymore and book a consultation at expert Chiropractor Sydney CBD to fix it as soon as possible.