CPAP Melbourne

For an effective CPAP Melbourne therapy – continuous positive airway pressure therapy, it is necessary to get the right CPAP mask for you. The question of how to choose the right one arises as there are so many alternatives available out there. Each has a different shape, size, and more to provide you with a better option. 

The below listed are some of the important criteria to consider when choosing c-pap masks for you.

Choose The Mask Based on Your Sleeping Position

This is to not let the sleeping position interrupt the continuous positive airway pressure therapy. The requirements of the back sleepers, side sleepers and stomach sleepers are very different. Not having a mask that supports your sleeping position could be highly discomforting. So make sure to consider your sleeping position when choosing the.CPAP Mask

Choose Based on How Do You Breathe

The reason could be any, you may feel comfortable breathing through your mouth or nose. For either way, there is a mask. Yes, if you breathe through your mouth there is a mask that supports your breathing style too. So do not hesitate to ask for it. All you need to take into consideration is your comfort in the end.

Consider The Shape and Size of Your Face for Better Fit

Not everyone has the same size and shape of face. Considering it is important to eliminate the discomfort that you might get due to improper fitting of the mask. So, if you need a mask of a bigger size do not hesitate just as far. They will provide you with it. Do not equip yourself with the oversized mask to enhance your comfort as there are chances that they will cause a leak or can shift for their position.

To Make the Fit Better You Can Also Add Accessories

Either to help you with the comfort during the sleep. To enhance the fit of the mask. To suit your breathing or more. These accessories have the sole purpose to make the therapy more effective and comfortable. If you are not aware of the accessories, try them and buy them.

The One That Suits Your Nose Structure or Facial Bone Structure

Everyone on the earth has a different nose. Short, long, wide and so on. It is necessary to make sure that the mask you choose is right for your nose structure. You can categorically research to find a mask for a nose like yours. You can also ask if they will allow you to try the mask on to check if it is the best fit or not.

Similarly, the bone structure of the face also varied from person to person. It is not necessary to understand that a mask that is right for others may be comfortable for you too. You may need accessories or a different type of mask.

Choosing c-pap masks is at all an easy task, as the comfort needs to be addressed properly. So, make sure to explore the alternatives and accessories till you get the right one.