Don't Let Your Teeth Go to Waste The Importance of Mouthguards

Your mouth and teeth are delicate, but they’re also extremely important to your overall health, not to mention your comfort and happiness. To avoid unnecessary pain and injury, you should always wear a quality mouthguards Melbourne when participating in any sport or recreational activity that carries even the slightest risk of injury to your mouth or teeth—that’s pretty much everything except sitting on the couch; watching football! Here are five reasons why it’s important to have proper mouth protection at all times.

What is a mouthguard?

A mouthguard is a device that fits over teeth to protect them from damage in contact sports. It also keeps your tongue from getting bitten and protects your lips, cheeks, and tongue. Since most people grind their teeth at night, wearing a mouthguard at night can help prevent tooth grinding (bruxism) and jaw pain when you wake up. If you have dentures Melbourne or dental implants, a mouthguard can help protect those as well by absorbing impact energy before it reaches your precious chompers.

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Choosing the right mouthguard

There are many different brands of mouthguards, including basic ones that come in a one-size-fits-all variety. If you don’t want a generic mouthguard, consider getting one that has been custom-fitted. Dentists or orthodontists can make these kinds of mouth guards, but they tend to be more expensive. In addition, if you’re worried about aesthetics (i.e., you don’t want your mouth guard changing your smile), then stick with a store-bought model.

How do you wear a mouthguard?

It’s important that your mouthguard is a perfect fit. If it’s too big, it could slide out of place and leave an opening for your teeth or jaw to be injured during play. Conversely, if it’s too small, you risk cutting off circulation by not being able to close your mouth fully. To make sure you’re wearing a properly-fitting mouthguard Melbourne, place one in your mouth and bite down as hard as you can; if more than half of the guard sticks out past your teeth, it doesn’t fit properly.

Benefits of wearing a sports mouthguard

Whether you are playing football, baseball, basketball or any other sport, it’s important to wear a mouthguard. Not only will they protect your teeth from getting damaged while you play, but they can also prevent injuries like concussions and jaw fractures. Additionally, mouthguards can help prevent problems with your dental work and allow athletes with dentures Melbourne to compete in sports. By understanding all of these benefits health and taking care of your mouth every day, you can reap great rewards for life.

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Wrapping up

A good way to keep your mouthguard in place is with a strap, and you can buy custom-made straps that fit right over your ears. If you don’t want something quite that elaborate, you can always tie an old shoelace around your head or wrap it around a few times. Whatever helps you keep it secure! However, most dentists recommend getting professionally fitted mouth guards. Not only do they need to be specifically moulded for your unique teeth and face shape, but they also need to be placed precisely in order for them to be as effective as possible.