Himalayan salt lamps

Himalayan salt lamps are one of the most popular home decor products on the market today. In fact, they have been around for over 10,000 years, which is pretty impressive.They have been used in many countries for various reasons, such as meditation, air purification and spiritual practices. But did you know that Himalayan salt lamps can actually help asthmatics?

Lamps emit negative ions.

You may have heard that negative ions are good for your health, but how do they work?
Negative ions are produced in nature by waterfalls and sea spray. They help with the regulation of mood, stress levels, and sleep quality. The Himalayan salt lamps emit negative ions, which remove allergens from the air when you breathe them in to improve asthma symptoms.

It helps to balance out positive ions.

There are good and bad ions in the air. Positive ions are what can cause asthma attacks and make you feel out of breath. Positive ions are found in smoke, pollution, electronics, computers and other electrical items, like hairdryers or fans.

Himalayan salt lamps

Negative ions are found in nature and clean air. They’re created by waterfalls, oceans and fresh air.

Negative ions are good for your health and can help you feel better. You’re more likely to have an asthma attack in a place with lots of positive ions, like where there’s pollution or smoke around.

Clear the block airways

To start, when you breathe in air with a high concentration of particulate matter, your lungs will be irritated. The salt crystal lamps help clear the blocked airways by reducing inflammation and mucus production. As a bonus, they also reduce allergies and asthma symptoms.

The most common form of airborne particulate matter is pollen from trees and grasses, which can trigger allergy attacks in sufferers of hay fever. Salt lamps are known to reduce these symptoms by absorbing moisture from the air around them, which would otherwise trigger an allergic reaction if it were present.

Salt lamps are also known to help with asthma symptoms and reduce inflammation in the respiratory system, which can lead to better breathing. This is because they emit negative ions that have been found to reduce stress levels and create a calming effect on those who spend time around them.

Reduces immune system hypersensitivity issues

The Himalayan salt lamps has been found to reduce asthma symptoms and allergy symptoms, as well as reduce inflammation, blood pressure and stress. This is due to the positive ions released by the lamp, which help reduce specific responses in the immune system that cause these problems.

The salt lamp can also help to boost your mood and relieve stress. This is because it emits negative ions, which help stimulate the production of serotonin, a hormone responsible for feelings of happiness. The presence of these lamps in your home will also reduce airborne bacteria and other pollutants, making it healthier for you and those around you.


The Himalayan salt lamps are a great choice for anyone with asthma. The lamp’s negative ions will help clear the blockages in your airways while also balancing out any positive ions that may be around you. This helps to reduce immune system hypersensitivity issues, which can cause asthma flare-ups or make them worse.