Mini Locker

Mini Locker

Are you looking for a way to keep your data safe online? You should check out Mini Locker. This new device claims to keep all of your digital information stored on a microchip outside the device so that no one can touch or come into contact with it unless they have the access code. Even better is that you can use Bluetooth to send out the power key so that doors are unlocked remotely when people are close by.

What is a Mini Locker?

Mini locker, the latest add-on created by Microsoft, is a portable hard drive plugged into your machine’s USB port. It sticks to the outside of your laptop and monitors keystrokes and passwords in real-time for convenience. The downside to this product is the fact that it costs $99. It would be better to make sure you don’t overtype on your machine than to pay money for a silly USB stick.

How does Mini Locker work?

Mini locker is a portable, battery-powered lock that can keep physical thieves out of your belongings without damaging them. The device works by creating a magnetic field and rendering any object less than five inches thickly inoperable through the use of heat-induced magnetism. Once you have set up the device, it will notify you if somebody takes anything from within a predetermined distance away from where you placed it. Then, an audible alarm will trigger when the object has been touched.

The Features of Mini Locker

Mini locker encrypts data before it stores it, which saves users the trouble of manually saving text, photos, videos, or music. Data encryption is used for personal and business users to avoid hackers gaining access to their files. The system also allows you to download from third-party sources and use certain online apps without fear of the information being stolen.

My Experience with Mini Locker

Mini locker is an intelligent keyless locker that promises to keep your personal information safe. On the one hand, it can theoretically help prevent theft by always giving you the ability not to worry about bringing your key with you everywhere or wherever you go, so you’ll know you’ll be able to enter your locker later. On the other hand, if anything were to happen like an actual break-in, then that would have been when my valuables were taken from me without being noticed.

Mini Locker


Mini locker is the latest anti-theft device. It works by having a password that only your key can access and cannot be reversed by, for example, a cut and reassembled lock. Mini locker is cost-effective as repairs are relatively cheap, and average service upkeep is comparatively more affordable than some other devices. Hence it’s worth it to have one as it is crucial to make sure that your important things are safe and secure.